Rebound girl.. should I be one or not?

Back in January I met this guy.. he was great. We hung out once and it was a mind blowing experience. Long story short his ex girlfriend comes out of NOWHERE and tells him she loves him (he had broken up with him before for making a bad joke) so of course since we had only been together once and we weren't together or anything he gets back together with her. Fast forward 2 months and turns out it was all bs and she just heard he was getting with me so she decided that she didn't want him with anybody else >:( so.. she broke up with him again over nothing (this time she was a woman about it and told him she didn't have feelings for him).

He was really sad earlier this week (wouldn't tell me why) so I was trying to cheer him up and I told him how amazing he was and everything. So, today he texts me asking if we could hang out. I told him it was a bad idea since he was dating someone and then he explained to me that his girlfriend had broken up with him.

Should I go ahead and be the rebound? I know that's all I'll be but I just want him so bad. Or should I tell him no and wait it out until he's been broken up with her for a while?

I ended up not doing it. He ended up going through a line of girls dating them and then he finally proposed to the girl and she accepted. They're married now. They deserve each other.


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  • Rebounds can definitely turn into a GREAT thing. I've experienced it. I'd say go for it before he rebounds to someone else, and they might have a great thing. If you really like him, hangout with him, and make yourself some boundaries. (Don't make it too easy for him to use you as a rebound).


  • No. Being the rebound will not end well. Ditch him and move on.