What's the worst name you've called a Guy...ever?

Just wondering, what's the worst name you've called someone or heard anyone call a guy before? One of my ex-boyfriends who cheated on me won't leave me alone and I've run out of ideas. Help please! lol ^_^ <3

thankx everyone for your inspirational messages!


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  • Last October I told my ex-hook up that I hoped he'd "get the herp and dife." I meant to say die, but was drunk and therefore failed. He hasn't texted me since, so it's looks like he got the point.

    • Lol. actually I told him that if he doesn't respect himself, he might get aids someday and that he should know that there isn't a cure for aids and that lol. I love your line. dife lol so I selected yours as best answer.

    • Haha, thanks. My friends and I have actually started using the term dife in daily conversation. It's when you don't quite want someone to die, but you wouldn't reeeally feel bad for them if they contracted, say, syphilis and the flu at the same time.


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What Guys Said 2

  • it may not sound this way to them but when I call someone a "worthless piece of sh*t", I mean it in a way that's worse than any other insult I could possibly say to them.

  • being called anything like gay is pretty bad


What Girls Said 4

  • little man...sorry that wasn't helpful! lol.

    Anything elluding to him being effeminate/gay is always insulting. try that!

    • Little man is actually pretty bad if you actually think about it, especially coming from someone who you know is smarter than you are because it implies that you are better than them, that they are lower than you, and if you're smarter than they are, then they may actually have reason to believe there's some truth to it.

    • I said it as a joke...I'll explain later :P and it was more in reference to height than anything.

    • Well lol I thought you were talking about something about having a small d*ck, but I guess I'm totally off? yeah I'm interested in what you were kinda meaning, but it's cool, thx. ^_^

  • ugly gay bastard pothead with a dick that will fall off due to std's.

  • A KY Jelly slurpin ass, dick in the booty bitch

  • the biggest embarrassment to man ever known or manwhore is pretty good to if you really hate him, douche, but you've probably used that many times already.