Is this right? any opinions?

I met this guy on an online chat website and we seemed to have been very attracted to each other almost instantly and we began talking over the phone, text and webcam. He says he really likes me and this and that and I do too without a doubt. Though we still Haven't met (we have a scheduled date though) things have been going on like this for 4 whole months. I really like our conversations and all though what really bothers me is that he spends most of his time with his friends and tends to disregard me while around or with them; and this seems unfair to me. Though don't get me wrong he texts me during the week but all his attention is on his friends and family and he takes me as a complete stranger when he's with them. Should I just cease talking to this guy and ignore him like he does me or give it some time? any ideas?


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  • Give him some time. These people that he is hanging out with are people that he has known them in real life. He hasn't met you yet in real life so until then, he may change.

    • lol it's the same exact thing he tells me,..sadly everyone's in his favor ha ha I've been wanting to drop him but he insists he doesn't wanna lose me:\


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  • You have'nt met so don't expect much. I see you're under 18, is he? Be careful you should make sure someone is with you when you meet him. Don't behave the same as him. keep yourself busy.

  • Give him a chance. (better not that long, about one month?)

    If one day he doesn't talk to you any more. Then let him go.

    And, don't put all your attention on him, or you'll end up being hurt badly at long last.

    • lol fact is he talks to me everyday