I want to call my boyfriend on the phone but I'm afraid he'll think I'm bugging him?

So, I haven't called him but I want to hear his voice. What should I do? Wait for him to call me?


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  • You can text him to ask if its a good time to call him...or when is a good time.

    • I did that and he called me, thx :)


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  • I had a online Girlfriend before and she enjoyed hearing my voice even though I'm quite shy about it, it was still flattering that she wanted to hear me speak.

    I think it's alright to call them but try to not call too often as he might have things that he needs to get done. if you two are close enough you can ask him what time of day/week would be convient for you to call him and if he doesn't mind answering how often you could call him.

    If you're to shy to ask that or if you think it's too bold you can always call him and during the conversation or near the end you can say "I would love to hear your voice more often and I would enjoy it if you called me some time" than give him your number if he doesn't already have it.

  • kmhco's got good advice. I'd say just call him...if he's your boyfriend, he won't mind. swear

  • How frequently have you been talking to him (either face to face or on the phone)? Personally I'd think it was nice to be called up and told it was merely to hear the sound of my voice, that is very flattering. However, if you do it too often you may come across as needy and either annoy him or scare him.

    • I just got this new job and I am kind of freaking out about it, I just want to talk to him because it's comforting

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  • If he's your boyfriend call him. I'm sure he wants to hear from you.