Guys what would you do if your best friend still in high school needed a prom date?

So I've been friends with my neighbor since I was about 6 years old. we've always had a very flirty friendship and we even hooked up once(I didn't let him go all the way and things were awkward for a while) anways the awkwardness has definitely worn off, and we are back to our normal selves best friends like always. Lately I've been having serious guy issues so I don't have a date to my senior prom. at first I wasn't going to go, now my cousin, who knows my best friend is going to talk to him about asking me. She is basically going to tell him I have no idea she is talking to him and is going to say how I'm not going to go and how she thinks id have a lot of fun with him and how she doesn't want this years prom to be like last years (the guy I went with was a major dbag) anyways guys what would you do if you were in my best friends situation...hes in college and definitely likes to have fun up there if you know what I mean. Would you be willing to sacrifice a weekend of college fun for a best friends prom? thanks for the feedback!


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  • Definetly for my best friend.wait for him to ask ypu but make sure you give him hints

  • Only if she asked. It's not my prom.


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