Guys, do you care if girls have 'never been kissed' ?

Okay, so I'm not extremely worried about my first kiss.. I know it'll happen when the time is right.

I'm eighteen, so I've left it a little late... haha

But, I'm just wondering if guys would be put off that a girl has never kissed anyone before, or whether it would even be considered a good trait?


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  • Some men prefer women with experience.

    And some men prefer women that are innocent.

    At first it's a matter a preference, then comes the time whether the guy chooses to worry about it being sloppy and etc. Is she a virgin? Will she become clingy? etc.

    I wouldn't have a problem with it personally. I like women that haven't gone around.


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  • I never gave it that much thought. I guess it wouldn't bother me but I would wonder if she will eventually want a sexual relationship or not if we do get close to each other.

  • It's really good point not bad, I was wondering how will I find innocent and clean girl when I start to date serious 1-2 years later :) But as I see there are still some girls left like you, it's nice nothing bad.

    • good to hear,

      it's funny, because I'm not the 'all shy & innocent' sort.

      I actually have the dirtiest mind.

      I'm just not 'experienced' haha

  • I find it really cute :)

  • no it wouldn't put me off.its cute and sexy. I have never kissed a girl. or had sex with girl either, I am 30 now. but I don't really care either. if I stay single so be it. I don't care what people think.

  • Omg I think that's sooooooo hott. One of my fantasies ;) .it's so refreshing to see compared to all the girls who have been kissed waaaaaaaay to much!


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