Is girl changing her mind?

There's a girl who I am kind of friends with who I occasionally text. I sometimes suggest that we hang out. She always replies with a 'sure!' or an 'alright!' but we never end up hanging out because the conversation fizzles out. We always decide where to go, but we never do anything. Sometimes I feel like I'm texting her too much so I wait for her to text but she never does. I don't know what to do because she seems like she wants to hang out, but we never do. And it's kinda awkward asking her now because we never do anything. What should I do when I ask her? Or should I even ask?


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  • If you really wanna ask her again, this time you should mention how you guys always make plans and your plans never happen. Don't mention it in a serious or harsh way, just in a nonchalant, funny way. try to see if you can get an actual reason from her as to why this always happens. OR when you do ask her out again, be really consistent about it (I don't mean text her all the time reminding her about it)

    but meaning that the plan be really definite. the place, the day, the time, etc. if the moment you ask her and she says yea, then the conversation starts 2 change, bring it back to the date until you get a definite answer or maybe an idea that says if she actually wants to go or not.

    • Thanks, it worked for today at least!

    • glad it did! all the best :)

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