Lets hang out soon.. But no follow up

What does it mean when a guy says I want to see you or let's hang soon but he doesn't actually set a day or time aside? Am I suppose to suggest a day/time? It feels like this happens a lot with us. Is this a light blow off?


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  • I think he is putting it in your court. If he accepts your initiative he meant it.


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  • This question sounds like something a guy would ask about a girl

  • It means he's fine with any time, and yes, he's basically suggesting YOU to suggest a time for the hang out. In a deeper sense, he values YOUR time and doesn't want to force you to hang out when you got other things to do!

    • But what if he already made plans for a day I suggested. If you were him, wouldn't you then say I'm free this day though.

      Bc when he is busy he just says I want to see you but I already have plans.

      This happens allllllll the time and it kind of feels like IIm being strung along/he's keeping his options open?

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    • Well, he'll tell me why he's busy without me asking. But there's no effort from him to make plans with me for another time? I guess I just feel like I'm making an effort and he's all talk. I totally get that he had a life too lol. Maybe he's just super passive?

    • I do know people like that, and I think I'm getting a good idea of the kind of person you're talking about. So alright, you want to hang out, but he's busy(all the time). And he makes no effort in trying a different time, correct? And to make it a bit easier, are y'all two just friends or one of y'all like the other?

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  • It means he's not exactly sure where you want this thing to with him.. so he wants you to suggest exact details, he's just letting you know that he is definitely interested in hanging out with you in the near future (:

  • may be he's just teasing you! he wants you to ask him first!

  • Im in the same situation, it is so frustrating I know! The guy I like has hinted abut doing this, or "someday I want to go here with you." but he doesn't ever say when. I hope you get your answer!