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Girls, do you like it when a guy grabs your ass while kissing?

I usually do it when I'm kissing a girl but I've never had a girl tell me not to do it or anything. I'm just wondering, is it kind of a turn on or... Show More

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  • I like it. If we have enough chemistry that I want to and enjoy kissing you and letting things heat up a little [or a lot, lol], then I definitely don't mind you touching my ass like that as it's happening. I don't mind when my guy touches my ass, period, as long as it's situationally appropriate. Like not just slapping it or groping it in public or in front of anyone who isn't a close friend who wouldn't be weirded out by witnessing that kind of thing on a random occasion. A little caress in passing or a lingering touch though is acceptable to me in most situations, except maybe around my grandparents or his parents, because they're more conservative and I'd find it impolite to expose them to that kind of touching.

What Girls Said 33

  • If it is the guy I am seeing, it is a turn on.

    • roflmfao at your profile pic! I love the hairy, sweaty guy behind him and everyone else around him with their hilarious, pained running faces and he's just all chill and happy

    • yep, that would be hugh jackman, its actually a pic from when he was at the beach. ahaaa

  • Yeah I like it. It's like a "I want all of you! Come here!"

    Generally, I used to be caressed - he'd have his hands on my waist and during the kiss he would explore my body with his hands. It was nice :)

  • I like the t*ts better.

  • I love it!

  • Omg yes. Huge turn on. Just don't do it in public.

  • I dumped a guy for doing that to me in public.

  • F*** yes, makes me feel like I might actually have a nice ass.

  • turn on!

  • Turn on :D

  • Yes definitely, grab or smack. A guy once grabbed my ass and lifted me up...loved it :).

  • turn on :D

    • :D my cute German friend haha

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    • And that's what you'll get when you come and visit me! ;D

    • hahah let's see about that :D

  • totally a turn on :-)

  • If I am in a good-quality lip-lock with a guy, I don't mind his hand finding it's way to my butt. That said, I don't like random ass-grabs that some guys try to do. Getting "touched" in certain places is part of making out, not part of walking through the grocery store together, if that makes any sense.

  • I love it!

  • I like it, but some girls don't. At school the other day there was a couple and the guy grabbed the girls ass and she slapped him and walked away. So! Be careful with some girls

    • lol!

    • Never had that happen to me lol every girl I've been with seems to like it

  • I personally am Ok with it. It kind of makes the kiss more intense and makes me feel safe so you shouldent worry about it

  • yes! it is the best. sooo mainly and yes we feel like you kike our asses

  • I like it and I grab his too! heehee!!

  • turns me on so much!!! keep doing it

  • i love it. huge turn on.

  • <3 turn on..

  • Yes! I love it so much! And it turns me on :x haha

  • hate it , unless we are alone its fine , but in public , keep the hand s on the waist and back. I ve had guys do it and it distracts me , I usually grab their hand and place it on my neck ( which is actually more of a turn on ) awh but the hands always wander :/

    • Yeah I wouldn't do it in public either. I know when my girl wants to be discreet I only do it when we are alone :)

  • If he's not my man, I'll move his hand A.S.A.P.

    I can't count the number of times I've had guys try this while we were kissing! If I had a new pair of shoes for every time a guy did that! I'd be one happy girl! :)

    I don't like it. I feel like the only guy who gets dips on ass grabbing and other things with me will be my boyfriend. He will have earned the title. Not just any guy gets access to my goodies, including ass grabbing. I'm a sucker for a respectful, kinky guy. A guy who has an inner freaky side yet is so respectful and reluctant to let it out in consideration for my feelings and for his cheek that might get smacked. Something sweet and tender like gently massaging the back of my head or rubbing my kneecap would be waaaaay more of a turn on than an ass grab.

    • Interesting, you're like the only girl from the answers who doesn't really like ass grabbing.

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    • I like the fact you have a lot of self respect for your body and not just letting anyone get touchy. But how do you let anyone get close to you then if you're that off limits?

    • Find different ways to get close :) You don't have to get close to someone by grabbing their ass lol In my experience, avoiding getting physical forces you to expand your ways of getting close. When kissing, cuddling, or making out, I like sweet, tender affection, but I'm just not in favor of stuff like ass and boob grabbing. If he's not my man, he doesn't get access.

      Thanks for the compliment btw

  • It's a sign of affection. I love it, it turns me a lot..

    • there are much better, more sweeter ways to be affectionate yet you'd rather have ass grabbing?

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    • maybe you view it as affection but in reality, the guy just wants to feel on your ass and feel what he's working with lol

    • That's fine too. There's not much to work with anyways, haha.

  • Lots of factors play Into this.

    Is he my boyfriend? If not I will question his intentions. He could just want sex

    I do not like that kind of thing in public. It's just weird. It's too much PDA and I'm not into that.

    Even if the guy was my boyfriend, I won't mind if he grabs it. I like it when guys grab my butt and lift me up so I can wrap my legs around them while he kisses me. I do like that.

    But if I'm just kissing my boyfriend and his hands grab my butt it doesn't do much for me.

    I get really turned on if he cups my chin and kisses me sweetly or if he puts his arms around my waist and pulls me into him and kisses me. Personally things like that do much more than butt grabbing itself.

    I don't have much of a butt because I'm pretty skinny lol so maybe that's why.

  • Well I don't know about other girls but its definitely a turn on for me

  • goshhhh..It feels really good.!

    I really like it. But you should be careful some girls don't.

    Go slow and see what her reaction is.

    Good Luck. :D

  • love it! Especially if you use it to pull me closer or grind against me. OMGosh how I like that. I like getting randomIy tapped on my butt or rubbed or a lingering touch or sometimes when I'm hugged and the bae's go to the top of my butt and rest his hands there. I don't know why but that's a turn on. I like it even when it's a bad time. I would dislike you doing that at church or in front of my dad or any family that isn't around my age or a sister or cousin or something (a couple of my nieces are closer to my age than my cousins and siblings). I'd still be flattered that you want to touch my booty and it may still be a turn on, but I'd be upset because you'd be being disrespectful to me, my family, church and church family. PS those aren't the only circumstances just what's on my mind. Ps PS. I don't think touching like this is bad unless it will lead to sexual behavior that will pull you away from God or it is pulling you away from God, but I may be wrong. 😊💖

  • I like it when my boyfriend grabs my butt out of no where. In public, I think it's fun and exciting, he doesn't do it often which makes it great when he does do it, but he also doesn't like looking sleazy.

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What Guys Said 5

  • I love it!
    Wait... Ummm...

  • I like this.

  • when i'm with my girlfriend i can't help but put my hand on her bum just feels so amazing as we walk. I can also say that when i have my arms round when kissing yeah i place a hand on her bum as i know it makes her feel wanted and loved.

  • They like it. Just remember a time and a place though. When making out= yes. When talking = no. Don't overkill it.

  • Okay I just read all the girl posts... I can't believe what they're saying. Turn on when no one is around... But yet when ever I tried it with the 2 girls I've ever kissed they pretty much lambasted me.

    I'm not sure about now 18-21yrs old was the time period... I'm 26 years old now.

    • You probably went for her butt too fast and so they caused her to react badly to it or your grabbed it too hard lol

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    • Wow, got no idea then man. I mean you can see from the answers how many girls really like ass grabbing. Unfortunately it looks like you just found 2 girls who just happen to not like it.

    • :( yep.

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