Girls, do you like it when a guy grabs your ass while kissing?

I usually do it when I'm kissing a girl but I've never had a girl tell me not to do it or anything. I'm just wondering, is it kind of a turn on or doesn't it bother you at all?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I like it. If we have enough chemistry that I want to and enjoy kissing you and letting things heat up a little [or a lot, lol], then I definitely don't mind you touching my ass like that as it's happening. I don't mind when my guy touches my ass, period, as long as it's situationally appropriate. Like not just slapping it or groping it in public or in front of anyone who isn't a close friend who wouldn't be weirded out by witnessing that kind of thing on a random occasion. A little caress in passing or a lingering touch though is acceptable to me in most situations, except maybe around my grandparents or his parents, because they're more conservative and I'd find it impolite to expose them to that kind of touching.