Girls, do you like it when a guy grabs your ass while kissing?

I usually do it when I'm kissing a girl but I've never had a girl tell me not to do it or anything. I'm just wondering, is it kind of a turn on or doesn't it bother you at all?


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  • I like it. If we have enough chemistry that I want to and enjoy kissing you and letting things heat up a little [or a lot, lol], then I definitely don't mind you touching my ass like that as it's happening. I don't mind when my guy touches my ass, period, as long as it's situationally appropriate. Like not just slapping it or groping it in public or in front of anyone who isn't a close friend who wouldn't be weirded out by witnessing that kind of thing on a random occasion. A little caress in passing or a lingering touch though is acceptable to me in most situations, except maybe around my grandparents or his parents, because they're more conservative and I'd find it impolite to expose them to that kind of touching.


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  • turn on :D

    • :D my cute German friend haha

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    • And that's what you'll get when you come and visit me! ;D

    • hahah let's see about that :D

  • Yeah I like it. It's like a "I want all of you! Come here!"

    Generally, I used to be caressed - he'd have his hands on my waist and during the kiss he would explore my body with his hands. It was nice :)

  • I like it and I grab his too! heehee!!

  • If I am in a good-quality lip-lock with a guy, I don't mind his hand finding it's way to my butt. That said, I don't like random ass-grabs that some guys try to do. Getting "touched" in certain places is part of making out, not part of walking through the grocery store together, if that makes any sense.

  • turns me on so much!!! keep doing it

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  • They like it. Just remember a time and a place though. When making out= yes. When talking = no. Don't overkill it.

  • Okay I just read all the girl posts... I can't believe what they're saying. Turn on when no one is around... But yet when ever I tried it with the 2 girls I've ever kissed they pretty much lambasted me.

    I'm not sure about now 18-21yrs old was the time period... I'm 26 years old now.

    • You probably went for her butt too fast and so they caused her to react badly to it or your grabbed it too hard lol

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    • Wow, got no idea then man. I mean you can see from the answers how many girls really like ass grabbing. Unfortunately it looks like you just found 2 girls who just happen to not like it.

    • :( yep.

  • I love it!
    Wait... Ummm...

  • I like this.

  • when i'm with my girlfriend i can't help but put my hand on her bum just feels so amazing as we walk. I can also say that when i have my arms round when kissing yeah i place a hand on her bum as i know it makes her feel wanted and loved.

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