She bites you lip when she kisses you, wtf?

One of this things I never understood, and I know it's common in some couples; when I was with my intended she had a habit of occasionally biting my lip when we were kissing.

I never saw the point of it, and didn't know how to react.

I accepted it, because I love her. I'm just not sure if I was meant to react a certain way. It wasn't a turn on for me, and I don't think it was a signal to go further.

What is with biting?

My intended did like being bitten. And I tried to oblige her a few times. I didn't mind when she was biting me anywhere else. But the lip thing wasn't doing it for me.

Because of my awkwardness and inexperience, and certain issues from her past; my intended and I never got together. We haven spoken for months. Through everything that has happened, I still love her, and I accept her in all ways.


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  • Biting is just a turn on for some people, whether it be in general or just during kissing like you describe. I'm one of those people. I love a little lip nibbling during a kiss, especially once things start getting heated. I like being bitten mainly, but I'm also a nibbler in general and will bite a little bit if I know the guy also enjoys that kind of thing. Like my ex liked biting and being bitten, especially while kissing, so that was a normal part of our foreplay activities. Whereas my current boyfriend isn't as especially into it, so I may occasionally nibble lightly on his lip or neck/ear in the heat of the moment, and he'll usually oblige me in a little bit of biting, even semi-roughly, if I request that he do it to me. I can't explain why I like it and find it such a turn on. The feeling and animalistic nature of biting just sends blood rushing to my groin, haha. =P

    Nothing wrong with asking her not to do it anymore or requesting that she tone it down though if it's not something you particularly enjoy.


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  • my ex boyfriend used to like it when I bit him actually it was more like nibbling on his bottom lip. it was a huge turn on for him. I think he liked it because its this animalistic expression of the passion I had for him that I couldn't help myself when I was with him. the thing though is that you can't go around biting everybody. some people like it and others don't and then there is the variations of pain involved with biting. unless you're a masochist, no one wants you to bite them so hard that you draw blood or leave teeth impressions on them an hour later. maybe yu should have asked her why she bit you and told her how yu felt about it. like I said before not e veryone likes it and to the biter it can mean anything...they might be taking their agression out in the might be the need to spice things up in that department or it could just have been a playful gesture to turn you on a little more. you'll never know what she meant by it until you ask her.

  • doesn't really matter how you respond to it. sometimes if things are getting heated its a signal for you to go farther butsometimes its just a thing t tease you with if it turns you on

  • if you don't like it then why don't you just tell her that you don't like it and it's not turning you on?

    I had one boyfriend who stuck his finger up my but* and he was really good at fingering me that I liked it.

    My guy now SUCKS at fingering me, all he does is put his finger in and out like it's a penis so when we are having sex he starts putting his finger in my but* and I don't like it when he does it so I tell him that I don't like it and it does not turn me on and then he quits it.

  • She thinks it's hot and she wants to be viewed as sexy so she'll bite a guy's lip.

    Just look at the girl's answeres here. They're all oozing "Oh no, he just insulted my false sexiness" lol


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