Online Dating? Yes or No?

So although I'm young I'm not meeting the guys I would like to meet in my small little bubble in michigan. Have you tried online dating and would you say its bascially the same as meeting any other person somewhere and taking a chance? and if you have tried any storys or good advice?


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  • I'd say you should try it out. You have nothing to lose! Your time is used anyway, in real life or online. But you can do both at the same time until you find the one, and be ready for the right moment.

    Online you can take a journey around the world, without making a single step.

    If you need some help with the website searching, like site suggestions, contact me and I will try to help you!

    Best of luck! :)


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  • I have tried it, it's brutal. I have to disagree wih Dre, I think it's worse on women. You're pretty so you will get bombarded wih messages from douchebag guys, I'm mean DOZENS. Some will be just average joes, trying to hit on you, some will be rude and disrespectful hate messages (pretty friend of mine has gotten hate messages), some will be like, "hey babe, I want to bang you and have all my babies wih you."

    Here is how I look at it. You control how much time you spend on there and absolutely do not take things personally when you get crappy messages, people can be pretty mean. If you're curios go for it. Make a profile and sign in every couple of days just to see if someone catches your eye. Just know online dating can consume your time drastically and mess you up emotionally if you let it.

    • Well I'm used to that alone from my guy friends and from when I worked at hooters. Thanks for the advice I'm only doing one of those 7 day free trial things to test it out. honestly not like meeting people wise but to get an idea do you think that's a long enough time to see if its something I thought it was?

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    • Thanks for the advice. Yeah it took me less than seven days for sure I'm not socially awkward its just hard for me to find people in my area I'm not used to meeting people outside of school or work its a new world for me so I thought online dating could give me that boost to see that there's more out there than what's just in my little bubble to see that its not like at home where every person I talk to responds me to me saying hey we should get together and smoke sometime its nice to see that .

    • Of course there's different people out there! I know it's difficult meeting someone that you really like all around, especially in a small town, but everyone goes through what you're talking about. I live in LA which is huge and full of different people and it's still hard to meet a girl that I really like on all levels. If you haven't really found anyone from school and work, why don't you try things that put you into contact with new people like volunteering or taking up classes for a hobby.

  • I would say its not good since some people or many actually aren't what you think they are when you meet them, so they might have a [picture of them as someone really charming and write god things about themselves. But when you meet them you get disappointed, I would recommend blind dates arranged by friends? Maybe one of your girlfriends can point you in the right direction towards a man.


  • Well let me tell you, as a Female, your going to have a wide variety of guys like myself to choose from. Generally online dating can be like 20x easier for you then it is for us(guys). I have yet to really get a response from any girl I found interesting.

    • It just seems like a lot of people do it these days. And I'm in a new town and I thought it would be a easier way to meet new people .

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    • i guess I always just get nervous about those like the horror storys but then you hear about more good than bad it just feels weird I guess.

    • Trust me, a lot of the guys on the net are pretty lonely & socially awkard and would really love if a cute girl wanted to hangout & get to know them or at least I would.

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