I love this guy. And he knows that. And he says he loves me... Trust him?

So, I've been talking to this guy since about the end of February. We said I love you pretty early for me, I usually hold off on saying that stuff until later but I felt that way and I don't hide my feelings. he came over and we had sex, and he came over twice more that week and we did it those times too. Everything was OK but he is in a band so he is always busy and he didn't text me as much as before or call me just to call me. But I understand that he can't talk to me all the time. But I heard he was talking to this girl and it really affected me and I stopped talking to him for a few weeks and then after about 2 and half or 3 weeks I texted him because I felt like I over reacted because I knew we werent exclusive or anything and I was talking to some guys too but not seriously or anything. So we're talking again and he says he loves me and I know I love him. But I don't know if I should believe him or trust him when he says it. Can anyone tell me what any of this means? Or if I pushed him away while trying to get him? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank youuu


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  • Yes, we have many experiences with pop band members.

    The music hook is as effective as football, et al. heros that are offered too many chocolates to know just which one is The One. As soon as they seem to settle on one (you), they are offered many more choices and continue to sample. Perhaps he loves you so much you move in with him. Pretty soon, you'll be getting calls from gals crying that also have slept with him, begging you to "let him go" so he can be theirs forever. Actually he doesn't want to be "let go", just wants to "love" you and continue sampling what he is offered as they fling themselves at him.

    Yes, he loves you but this level of sexual gratitification, greet him like a pet when he returns from "work & relaxation" passions may not meet the high expectations you thought love was, although he might make this lifestyle comfortable if the money comes in. Oh, yes ... STDs from other women, oh my.


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  • Hi.

    I'm under 18 and I love this guy.

    NO, you don't.

    • I know how I feel. Just because I'm young doesn't mean I don't fall in love just as easily as a 40 year old. And if you were such an adult you wouldn't be afraid to comment on this without being anonymous. So thanks for you're opinion, but you seriously don't know me.

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    • good luck and god bless you .

    • Thank you, you tooo

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  • I think he is lying to you. Sorry Sweety. Saying it can be SO EASY. But when you actually love someone, they will show you they do. They will prove it to you. It sounds like he might be using you ? Don't worry. When one door closes, another one opens.

  • i would be mad to but if you guys werent exclusive you can't technically be mad to him.he doesn't know what's going on. he's just in lalala land. but on the other side it wasn't his fault . you didn't tell him you were mad, or how you were feeling. so mayb you did push him away. but if you love him like you say you do and he loves you like he says he does.. then anything can be fixed in the name of love.



    • thank you:) I'm not mad at him anymore after I really thought about it and we're slowly fixing it lol the only realllll big issue with me is he's always busy so I haven't seen him since the beginning of March but something is telling me we'll work through it and ill see him soon:)

  • I don't blame you for feeling a little jealous, if I was having sex with a guy I wouldn't want him talking with another girl.