Is he just playing me or what??

Ok. So there's his guy who liked me. we hung out a lot and started to get more romantic, but I had to leave 4 3 months. During this time he only calld me once and never responded 2 my calls. When I got back he still wouldn't answer my calls. (I didn't call alot, but enough)> then we started hanging again as freinds. and then it stopped. Niow he seems 2 be into me again..? but then I called him and once again-hes not answering. what is this guys deal? I really like him and we always have amazing times 2gether, but I can't put up with his bullshit anymore. what do you think is his problem?


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  • He could just have issues answering his phone. I know I do, I don't like to answer my phone a lot. Nothing personal to the people calling. Is he good with texting? Try and find a way to hang out again, and bring this up to him. Ask him why he seems distant and if he want's a relationship or not.

  • he's playing games with you get rid of this loser and find a real guy


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