GIRLS! Am I doing alright? I'm worried because I really like this girl...

So after the first date I got my dream girl back to my place where we made out all night and hung out, then I took her home.

The next day she wanted to see me again! I picked her up, brought her over, we made out and cuddled and talked and she did some homework at my place why we cuddled. _< and I just hope things turn out well.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Well everything sounds good to me. If she wants to see you again then that's always a good sign. How old is she though?


What Guys Said 1

  • Worried about what? That you're moving too fast? That she might think you do with with all girls? That she might lose interest in you too quickly? That you're too easy? You're not being a challenge? That you're just like all the other guys? Whether you like her or not means nothing...only her Interest level matters. Unless it was love at first sight for are rushing into rejection. Next week you will be posting questions as to what happen? Everything was going great.