Is there really someone out there?

I have been told multiple times by girls that I am super ugly. Like they have straight said it to my face or I ask them if I like them or tell them that I like them and then they ignore me. why does this happen? And when a girl tells me I'm ugly like that it really does hurt me inside even though I don't show it especially since I can't help what my face looks like, its how I was born. Almost all the guys at school have girlfriends whether they are ugly or not. Am I just probably not going to have one? Should I give up? do you think I'm ugly?


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  • to be honest for any girl to say that to you, they are evil bitches. sorry for my french. by the way I can't say if your ugly. we need a pic. just stay away from girls like that. just keep trying buddy, you will get a girl that likes. looks don't mean jack sh*t. look at me, average looking. never had a girlfriend. I was told at school many times by girls I was ugly. don't let those ugly women say things say like that you again. people will beat you down. don't let them.

    there are some horrible evil people out there. they are not worth letting them bring you down. never let people stick a finger your face and say your no good, keep moving forward. and you will be winner.

    • Wow you must of had some horrible bitches at your old skl. Looks are a bit over-rated anyway.

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    • thats true we got a lot in common bro lol and yeah thanks and yeah its just a complement I was pretty sure you werent gay lol

    • ok no problem.


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  • It never ceases to amaze me on how phucken cruel people still are nowadays. I'll tell you why it happens, these bitches lack respect, common decency towards others and above all manners. I remember when I hit puberty, I had the worse acne. I went to doctors and tried every treatment out there. I had the same experience as you, just rude, mean comments from both sexes. I was ugly, one guy wouldn't date me because "he'd have to take me out in daylight and see my face." When I was 17, I finally was put on a drug that knocked out my acne. It came back and I took another round of it. Once I left for college, it was a whole different ball game. I encountered more mature, laid back people from different places. I met a lot of guys who were nice to me and friendly. Forget these bitches because they are a waste of space and air.

    There ARE decent, kind hearted females in the world. I was in your position once so I speak from experience. Hang in there and know that you aren't ugly, the people around you have UGLY behavior! You will find a special girl.

    • haha thanks :) and yes I have acne to but my mom will not take me anywhere to get it fixed

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    • I don't recommend toothpaste! it irritates the sh*t out your skin! Try a face wash with salycic acid in it.

    • ok :) thanks :)

  • Don't feel bad! That's just someone"s silly opinion! There are girls out there that will appreciate u! Cheer up!

  • I think you're going for the wrong type of girls. Now do you only want a girlfriend because your mates have? I think you'll find one, when your stop trying so hard.

    • well I don't even try at school I guess here I am more open because I am desperate I guess but I do not show it in person to girls or anyone I don't go asking for a girlfriend everyday or nothing lol I just want one. Not only because my friends have them but because I like to have someone tell me I look good and someone to hang out with and be able to tell them anything you no? that's y. And like no girls like me ha ha the ones that do are like middle scholers that are really fat. (I am not mean idm fat)

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    • haha no one on here is from florida :0

    • Ask a question to all the girls if there is lol

  • There is no such thing as an ugly person.

    Beauty comes from the inside.Personality,is more important.

    I am not picky,but I prefer ,guys that have a nice personality.

    My first boyfriend,was not a good looking guy,but I fell in love with him because I liked his


  • dont give up there is someone out there for you


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  • Well, I'm not into men, so I can't tell you if your ugly or not, I used to be overlooked a lot in life by most women, So I know what you mean from 10 to 17.

    Within the last 4 years, I lost weight and started weight lifting a bit and I gained a lot of confidence because I started to just make myself happy from within and say " All I need to sleep at night is my own pride in myself." Once I started thinking that way, apparently I started giving off an aura where I had girls I didn't know always looking at me.

    After that, I kinda started didn't mind approaching women I didn't know, I got numbers,went on dates here and there, partying here and there, the more confident you are, the more you're not afraid to go and try new things. Its best to always try look everywhere , libraries , clubs, in parks,etc.

    There is over 7 billion people in the world, more then half of them are females, so I'm sure you can find someone.

  • I saw these guys in concert. It was cool. And yes they did this song. So this one's for you:

    I know you're out there somewhere link