We've just begun texting...Should I just ask him if I can call?

Help, quick response please. I know he's not doing anything, so how do I ask if we can talk for 10 min?

arrrgh he told me before that he tends to go to bed really late. Just now he said that if I'm free tomorrow, and he has to wake up early tomorrow. Really weird.


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  • Haha just ask him or better yet, just call him. If he's interested, he'll be more than happy to see that you want to talk to him!

    • I just asked if he wanted to chat for a few min. lmao I'm nervous about being the initiator.

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    • He said he can't talk right now because he has to get up early ha ha wow, that hurt. Damn, I was so sure, I mean this guy gave all the signs...asked for hug, flirted with only me at work, saw me on his breaks and would spend the entire time talking to me. I guess he's not interested enough, because I asked if we could talk for a couple of minutes. I would call someone I really liked, even if it was a short phone call. arrgh

    • friend request sent by me by the way, thanks


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  • Don't ask, just DO IT.

    That's the rule with guys... if you're gonna flirt, telegraph your moves.

    You almost kind of have to... girls are far more subtle than us guys. Sometimes what seem like clear signals to you are confusing to us.

    • It was going fine until I asked if he'd like to talk for a few min, then he said he'd talk tomorrow because he has to wake up early, and he's hopping into bed. I responded with, "ok nite." Lol what a funny guy, at work on wkds when I see him he can't stay away from me, and only flirts with me. Oh well I'm going to move on, and not even mention it, just be friends.

  • Just tell him you're going to call him just so you can talk for a couple minutes...that texting is just going to take too long to type, if he respects you and your time he will say, "ok, cool!"

    • him: day off today...worked out, played games, so you're prob right (basically what he said)

      me: lol sounds good to meh...did you want to talk for a couple of min?

  • Call...!

  • dont ask just do it

    its more interesting and unexpected :)

  • Yeah, definitely weird...

    • mhmm maybe he has a girlfriend. It's such a shame though, because I'm pretty sure he wld have ended up really liking me if he got to know me more.

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