I'm a little intimidated, please help?

hey so I've been out of the game for a year and a half. I'm 19 and just finished a date with a 21 year old girl. the date went well. we have a ton in common and flirting comes naturally. I didn't make any move though aka holding hands, arm around her or a goodnight kiss. I think I was a little nervous. I feel like she's more mature than the girls I've been out with before. she's a local where my university is and I'm not. I go to school and she works full time. she also has a car and I unfortunately do not. is there a way to show her I am mature and what should I do on the second date and yes we've agreed to a second but time and date are up in the air still. I guess I'm just a little hesitant but don't want to move to fast... or seem to shy and too slow and have that affect what could be. what should I do? by the way our first date was just a nice dinner and a short walk. any ideas for the next? we live in portland


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  • Theres nothing wrong with seeing someone you like right away. Make a day for next week/or the week after.

    If you don't want to come on too strong just text her every two/three days asking how her day is.

    She is a little older than you and a full-time worker while you are a student so it is expected that she has a little more than you.

    If she doesn't find this a problem, you shouldn't either.

    Dont let this be your insecurity. If she didn't like you for you, she wouldn't be considering your next date.


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  • You should just be yourself. To show her you are mature, maybe talk about your future ambitions and what you want from life. Talk about your goals; this way you are showing her that your are ambitious and not just someone who screwing a round getting drunk and high all the time. Maybe for your next date do something fun; for example, go to a theme park or an outdoor activity. Maybe do something you've never done before, like jet skiing. Don't be afraid to be creative with new ideas for your next date. Hope this helps! =]


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  • Portland State or University of Portland?

    Anyway, don't be something that you're not unless you can lie really well. You show maturity by having your sh*t together; you're not making sexist jokes or saying offensive things unless she's into that stuff. Be confident. You can take her to see a movie or do something that you both are interested in.