Ok tell me if I'm on the right track with this girl....

I walked up to her, we started talkig. she's in my class in college. And I asked her to study with me, and she agreed and gave me her number.

Today in class, I texted her saying "you look hella cute today", she smiled and texted me back saying "thanks :) are you understanding this stuff?" and we talk a little after class.

This is only the 3rd day I've known her. Am I on the right track? What should I do to improve my chances with her?


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  • I think you are on the right track with her :) She did ask you if you are understanding the stuff she could be asking even though she knows you do understand (that is if you do which I'm sure you do) the subject she's probably hoping that you'll offer to help her understand (well at least that's what I would do)

    Hope that helps you improve your chances with her :) but at the same time you do have to remember that she might just like you as a friend


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  • go you. you are certainly on track, and just keep being yourself:) obviously it is working so far!

    best of luck:)

    • lol any reasons why you think its working?

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  • Yeah dude you're on the right track. She wouldn't have gave you her number if she didn't think you were attractive or cute to her. So since you are to her it's definitely going to work. She likes your personality and how you talk to her. Keep it up dude. Best of luck.