Why was I rejected?

Lets assume that this girl is attracted to me. She often walks past my table knowing I'm there and pretends not to see me but will do quick glances. I assume that this means she wants me to talk to her more. We only talked a couple of times in a span of two weeks before I abruptly ask her out to lunch. What are some reasons she might have rejected me. I am so freaking confused. thanks


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  • how do you know she rejected you. Did she actually say something like "i don't want to talk to you anymore" or "leave me alone". If she didn't literally say those things but you guys just fell out and don't talk to one another anymore...Sit her down and ask her" what happened to us we used to talk from time to time and now we just dont" I'm sure shell give you a direct answer to either confirm the rejection or tell you it was just a big misunderstanding.


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  • Girls give all kinds of signals just to get attention because that attention fuels their confidence.

  • You got rejected because girls aren't rational creatures.