How to respond to a text that is just a smilely?

Okay, so, I asked out one of my friends a few days ago. Our date is far off because she is really busy. I only see her a few minutes at school twice a week, if our group of friends don't do anything on the weekend. Texting is pretty much the only time we are alone with each other so to speak. So, I've been trying to text her without doing it too much, considering we haven't even gone out on our date yet.

So anyways, yesterday I only saw her for a few minutes then she had to leave for work, our friends were around so I didn't really get to do anything flirt wise. Though she was teasing me (she told me she was teasing me later so there is no mistake) with a soul-piercing stare because I moved our group before she could find us. Later I texted her. Eventually she was telling me about how she broke a fake nail and had to get new ones. Our conversation ended when I told her how good I thought she looked today.

My exact message was "Well, nail or no nail, you looked very pretty today, even when you were giving me the stare. Actually, especially when you were giving me the stare."

She just replied with " =D "

I didn't really know how to respond to that, so I just didn't answer. Is that a nice way to end the conversation? Or, should I have tried to keep it going? For some reason I just felt like that meant I should stop I guess. What is the deal with getting a just smilely text?


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  • you're fine lol no need to answer after a smiley face, especially if you're not answering right away..

    the good point here is that you've done the right thing in order to not look desesperate so that's great ! seriously, guys that keep answering after a smiley usually take the conversation down to a strange road where they appear attention needy.

    so good job !


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  • A simple winky face would of been acceptable in response, or a smiley back, it really doesn't matter if you responded or not, with a text like that on her behalf she can't really expect a text back, not much you can say to be fair!

  • shes got nothing to say to that that's why...i thinks its just a way to end the convo. smiley texts are sort of like "lol"...wen you got nothing else to say at the end of a convo...u don't need to continue on the convo or answer it


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  • I think "lol" will do fine.