What is this girl feeling??

Can't figure this girl out. I thought she liked me but I'm confused by her actions. Some background, met her 3 months ago and have seen her a bunch of times in group settings. Whenever we meet we always end up spending all our time together and I've spent time alone with her. We shared a bed cuddling etc but when I tried to spice it up by stroking her body and kissing her neck, although she didn't pull away she didn't kiss me back! The following morning she seemed happy and made me breakfast. But she never calls/texts yet always responds when I contact her. Am I just a stop gap between her finding someone she really likes or could she be nervous? She is 23 (I'm 26) and not sexually inexperienced. She did mention once that she is not at all into dating etc but that was when another guy asked if she was single and I know she has had a couple of long term r/shisps


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  • I agree with the anon user. I think she doesn't want to get into a relationship too quickly. If a guy starts to make moves too quickly when I'm not sure if I want anything with him yet, Id prob act the same way. I know youve known here three months but when did you two start to become somewhat intimate? I think she's just trying to take it slow and build up an attraction to you.

  • If she's had a few long term relationships I'd say based on my own thoughts that she wouldn't want to get into a relationship with anyone too quickly. Perhaps try and befriend her more first. I'd say that she definitely likes you however is worried about what you may want. I'd say she is interested in long term relationships and may have fears that the feeling is not mutual.


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