What if I am kind of scared to text the girl I like to ask her to hang out?

I kind of want to text her but I am scared to. I want to ask her to watch the Blackhawks game at the bar tonight because she is a fan.

Well I texteD


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  • It's better to text then not say anything at all. As a female, I think if a guy likes me then do something about it. If he doesn't do anything I'll just assume he's not interested.


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  • Just grow a pair and text her! Remember: courage isn't the opposite of fear, it's doing what you must do even if you're scared.

    • It is not that easy though I don't know what to do or what to say, I am scared big time. I just want her to say yes.

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    • Well if she does, I'm sure she'll accept. Now hurry up before she makes other plans!

    • That is true to I just don't like this fear.

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  • just go for it.

    • What if I am scared though?

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    • It is not that I am trying to put it down but my fears keep talking me out of it. I really want to just shot a quick text but I worry she will say no.

    • Then oh f***ing well life moves on.