What should I say now?

Ok, so last night my friend convinced me to text this guy I like, but it was at 11pm so I wasn't expecting him to text back. it was just a simple "hey" text, today he texts me on his new number and said "hey this is my new number" how do I reply to that? do I just say hey back or should I say something else?


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  • You start by asking how he's doing, and then talk about whatever is on your mind. Talk about him, talk about his interests, talk about your interests, talk about school, talk about whatever the hell you want. Just say what's on your mind and see if you can't get a conversation started.

    My advice here is not far off from this. ( link ) This probably won't be all that hard. Still I wish you the best of luck.

    Go get him, tigress.


What Girls Said 1

  • just say what's up or how are you doing, start a casual conversation.