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I just joined this club at school that supports people who are gay, bi, straight or sexually confused. I am straight so therefore I am a straight supporter. I told my mom and she asked me if I am gay just because I joined the club in a very insulting way. I know that she doesn't like the fact that that two guys or two girls are dating or making out with each other. I however do not mind whether or not people who are gay or bi because I probably have friends who are gay or bi and I don't even know about it plus I have friends who I know are gay and bi and it doesn't make me feel any different about them. I just want to know what I could say to make my mother understand about the importance of the club.


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  • I've had small arguments with my father about the rights of people who are gay. And what I found out is if the person's mind is set on being completely against it then you aren't going to change his/her mind. The only thing you can try to do with your mother is to tell her why you joined and that you feel just because a person is gay or bisexual it shouldn't mean they should be treated unfairly as a person. I don't agree with the whole gay and bi thing myself, but at the same time I'm not going to attack a person who is gay or bi. It's like being Republican or Democrat. You're going to have different views, but that doesn't mean you should not treat the other person fairly. Well as long as that person isn't doing anything to hurt others obviously. Sadly there are people out there who just can't get past something they disagree with. This is why we have racial, gender, and sexual discrimination.

    If even you can't get your mother to open up enough to see your side of things, you should be proud you're standing up for your beliefs.


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  • People are entitled to their rights and as a "free country" gays and likewise are allowed to have their feelings. Though, religious barriers prevent some people from seeing this, our society is changing and whether people like it or not this lifestyle is going to be one that's not going to change.


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  • Hmm you need to remember that your mum is from a different time and probably sees same-sex couples as something out of the ordinary.

    I honestly don't think there's much you can do about this as she's been thinking this way for what 30/40/50 years?

    I recommend saying to your mum "You know, this is something I believe in and I really care about the cause. Can't you accept me for the person I am, I want to make people who are gay and lesbian feel like they are wanted in our community, what's wrong with me doing that, mum?"

    I understand how you feel completely; I heard everything my mum said to my older brother when he 'came out' - parents can be so cruel =[