He left me an ugly voice mail when I accidentally interrupted him in a meeting

The man that I've been dating for the last 4 months was in a meeting today that I hadn't a clue he was in. He's been having a very hard time at work, so today I sent him a sweet message and a picture of myself that I had a friend take. When I sent it to him, for some reason it sent 3 times. I left my phone on my desk and left my office. While I was gone he left me an ugly voice mail, yelling at me that he was in a meeting and that he had to keep leaving to check his phone. That he knows how I feel about him. Then he hung up. I realize that he's extremely stressed but why yell at me? I'm not the one that didn't mute my phone. I doubt if I hear from him for a couple of days. I'm trying not to be upset and to be understanding of his situation. Help?

I want to thank all of ya'll. I'm old enough to know what needs to be done but I guess I needed to hear what others had to say. Thank ya'll. You're all pretty awesome!


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  • Not a very good start, 4 months in and he's that angry. You're right, he should have muted it, turned it off, left it in his office...too many options. Also, it bothers me that he may a quick temper and the part about "he knows how you feel about him", That wasn't a cool statement to make to someone that was just trying to show some love. That was a slap in the face.

    You said that he may not call for a few days... fine but don't contact him or you will approving his behavior. Let him intiate it and maybe he can find time to think about how he handled the situation.

    I've sorta behaved in that manner (being rude) when I was no longer interested in them and they act like they can't see it. It was because I didn't know how to just tell them that I am not interested. Stress on the job may come from him not thinking before making a decision or opening his mouth. Stress is not an excuse to snap instead of turning his phone back on and seeing a nice message and picture of someone they have interest in. Good Luck!


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  • Sounds like a real charmer.4 months and he's treating you like that...beware! I used to be in a very high pressured job with a lot of people depending on my decisions and I never snapped like that,particularly with my new girlfriend of 4 months,he should be on his best behavior .You deserve a lot better than that.It's a sign unfortunately of worse to come.

    • I'd have to agree, if he's going to flip sh*t over a silly little picture than be extra carefull my friend! I understand that he's in a stressful job but he could have left his phone alone during he meeting, especially of it was That important.. Who knows what might make him snap again...

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  • Wow, you try to do something nice for him and that's how he reacts? No excuse for him to fly off the handle and leave an ugly voice mail. That's extremely disrespectful. Looks like his true colors are starting to pop out. If I were you I'd break things off the next time you hear from him. Like zebedee4u said, that's what you call a warning sign. Can you imagine how he'd react if there was an actual problem or reason to get mad in the relationship?

  • He sounds like a big d***face. He had to have realized that it was sent several time, not you nagging him. Talk to him about it, but don't be accusatory, but you don't deserve to be treated like that 4 months in. Not ever!