Is anyone here on a dating website like OK CUPID etc?

And if you are,what has your experience been thus far?Do you find it enjoyable?Have you met anyone?Are you hesitant about meeting people?Do you take being on the website seriously?Why are you on the website?


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  • Found my girlfriend of 2 years on OkCupid. Honestly, I think I got REALLY lucky, because most guys I've talked to say they haven't received a message in months. Then again, I've seen their profiles, and there's not even anything there that someone could start a conversation on :P So you do kind of have to put some effort into it.

    • Oh really?Girlfriend of two years?Hmmmm...I guess I should try and be optimistic about it then.For now,im a little passive about it or something.Did you answer the s*x questions while filling out all of the questions?I haven't been answering them because that's just o,ething I choose not to that bad in terms of getting matched?I just don't want all of my business on the internet...

    • Yeah I answered them but just because I'm pretty open about it. Nah it won't ruin the whole thing for you haha, you just won't know whether you're *sexually* compatible with someone or not. But they'll still be able to match you with someone based on all of the other questions you answer.


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  • I am. It's funny I get more female interaction on here then on that website. Girls are very passive on that website.

  • I think I'm on it, I had it for awhile, I just did it to put myself out there. You never know who you might meet up with, but I don't use it anymore.

  • I have, but I've no interest in actually dating anyone on there. I view it as more of a confidence booster when a girl says "ooooo you're cute" than a serious place to look for a significant other, simply because I believe in seeing what I'm getting into in person, and not through a poor MySpace picture.

  • Enjoyable. Probably the best online place to meet people besides Match which isn't free.

    Yes met great people. Didn't always work out but great nonetheless.

    Yes you should always be hesitant. Make sure you get good vibes and meet out in the open. Bail if necessary.

    Yes it's serious. Most people are unlike plenty of fish. Don't go there, unless you just want to get laid.

    • I've heard about PlentyofFish...i would NEVER go on there.But I'm still setting up my pofile and answering one billion questions on cupid. I guess I will give it a chance.:)

    • The questions thing is really kind of a waste of time. The compatibility measure I don't trust at all. I've met great people that said we were a pretty bad match. But sometimes it looks to be true too.

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