What should I do? Ask why he never texted back?

A few weeks ago I got my crushes phone number through a friend but not in the best way...She pretty much took my phone and sent him a nasty text that he pretty much ignored because he never replied...Which I guess is good but I feel I gave him my number the wrong way because in that text it said I got his number from one of my friends who just got his number off of Facebook...I told him the truth and he was cool..Last week he got a new phone with a new number and he sent me a text saying " this is **** its my new number"...I was pretty pumped because it meant that he actually saved my number and took the time to add it to his new phone...Does that mean something?...Today I was with my friend and I've been so paranoid to text him because I'm scared to and we just sent a text that said "heyy" but he never replied...Is it because he didn't want to talk to me, or is it because he was busy, or is it because he doesn't like me? I really wanted to ask him to prom but I can't do that if he never replies...What should I do? Ask why he never texted back? Advice is also greatly appreciated :)


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  • There could be a million reasons why he isn't replying. But you can't stress about it. Maybe instead of texting him, try talking to him in person. I remember in High school we used to do all these super creative things to ask people to prom, however, I suggest that you built a friendship before asking him to prom cause rejection is a powerful let down. if you talk to him in person and he starts to see your personallity, and likes it, he will want to talk to you more. forcing him to text you. however if your always the one sending the first text, then sadly you probably are the only one putting effort into the relationship and that's not healty. in all, my best suggestion is to talk to him in person, as nervous as you might get.

  • Just le him come back to you on his own no pressure.