I just had Lady say'' I would love to go out agian!' but then say no more second date in a text message. What's wrong?

I talked about being with her in the future and may have spoken a little more than she did but I made her laugh alot, keepted her attention, stayed very engaged with her and we seemed to have very good chemistery. She's given me a date which is a lot more than most girls on websites have and I thought "If I could just get this individual in person, Everything will be fine from there!'' Confidence is key but it's hard to take hits and not have that drop a little. I'm really doing something wrong but all I can get as feedback is that you are really a nice guy but I don't think that this is going to work out while I am doing everything else desirable accept for being too much of a gentlman or something I can't see. What's wrong.


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  • This might hurt a little but maybe she is just not interested in you. It seems like you're doing everything right...but you may not be the person she wants.


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