I haven't dated in about 5 years.. and I know it's not the 60's anymore! need help!!!

So I Haven't dated in about 5 years. I met this real nice guy about a weekago ( I've been single for about a year by the way ) now we have been hanging out mostly every day since I met him.. he's great and treats me right and really turns me on! Now I I have kissed him before and hold his hand but when my body starts feeling bothered I just turn away..! I don't want him to think I'm a whore or like I'm an easy girl! I really care about him and want this to maybe become a relationship. I am in a very sensitive situation with my body urges.. So what should I do? Should I wait or should go for it? he's he first guy that I've kissed in over a year and gave a chance to date... my mind is also thinking I should try dating other guys too.. but its kind of hard for me to find a guy that interest me like this guy does! what do I do! Thanks for reading my ? IN ADVANCE =D


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  • We all "get" that you have urges, most of us do too. And we get that you don't want to go too fast either. So the question is: how well can you control those urges you have? If you start making out, can you go to Second Base and then no further, or will you just give in? It's the girl's role to put on the brakes and set the pace, and the guy's role to keep pushing for more, so if you can't slow things down, then you've got to make sure you don't start something you don't want to finish.

    I agree with NiD, though, you need to start TALKING to him about how each of you feel, and what you are looking for. You are clearly looking for some security here, and that's fine, and talking to him is the best way to find out if you've got any, so TALK to him. And if he is "doing it" for you, then there's no reason to date other guys right now. Just figure out what you are to each other, and go from there.


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  • Have you asked him what his intentions with you are? Communicating your worries and needs to him will solve your headache.


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  • Honestly, you need to find a way to put your sexual desires to the side while you continue to get to know this guy.

    I was in a similar situation to you about 2 years ago. I rushed into things too quickly with several men, thinking each was going to work out. I ended up feeling very used and whorish as time after time I ended up in these friends with benefits situations. I kept thinking they would turn into something more. These were guys I really liked, enjoyed their company and they liked me equally. But FWB is so popular these days that I did not realize how many guys are out there who just want that and nothing more.

    So, if you don't want to look back and regret anything, you need to keep getting to know this guy and see how well he spends his time getting to know you as a person rather than quickly jumping into sex. Keep dating and focus on that for a while until he shows he is serious.