Doesn't like texting or just not interested?

I have been out with this guy for a few dates (3). He seems very interested when he's with me. The problem is that he has trouble making plans and he rarely texts. I hear from him every 4 days or so.

I'm used to guys being in touch a bit more frequently. I'm not talking about texting all day every day, but at least a hey a few days in between dates.

I cannot tell if he's not interested and just keeping me around or if he's bad at making plans and getting back to people...


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  • Texting is a good way for guys to screw up with a new girl. If this is the reason he's not texting...then I give him 2 thumbs up! I hate texting possible girl friends. Much rather talk to them in I can see if they are really LOL. and :-)


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  • some guys like texting, some guys don't. I know that I hate texting all the time everyday. I am not a texting guy personally. I can't tell if he's not interested in you or not really just cause he hasn't texted you as much as you also could mean he is very busy at work.

    if you want to find if he is still interested in you, give him a call and arrange something.

  • Well, texting IS lame. I can't blame him for not partaking in it. Try talking. That's what people used to do.


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