Hypothetical- you meet a guy at any given location two times in a row. you end up giving him your name and?

phone#. he texts you and you text him. if you end up not liking him or start to get annoyed with him, will you still respond to his future texts? if not, is it possible for him to make a comeback with you?


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  • I would stop texting him. If I saw him again and he initiated a conversation, I'd go along until I could get away, but I wouldn't be the one to talk to him first. I think he could make a come back though if the next time I ran into him he said something that really blew my socks off and I decided he wasn't so bad after all.

  • let her be for a couple of months and then text her a "hey:)" and ask to meet up for coffee or lunch or something. if she says no, then move on with your life.


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