Why do men play games with a woman's feelings?

I am a beautiful woman inside and out, I don't play games and hate drama. Why is it that all of the men I meet play games with a women's head and/or heart. I am ready for a REAL relationship how do I find a man who doesn't play games?


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  • Frankly guys are easy to read. It surprises me that many women can't tell a guy his a scum bag or a player within 5min of meeting him. I have many female friends who end up with totally sh*tty boyfriends and then they complain about it later, when I could have told them from day one that the guy would make a horrible boyfriend or would screw them over. Some people just can't see the forest through the trees.

    The amount of good people (men and women) is dwindling so it can be frustrating trying to find one, but if you are actually ending up with the bad people, part of that is your fault for falling for their games, which are usually quite obvious, in the first place.


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  • I don't know why men play games. I don't know why women play games with men either. I guess it's all insecurities and stupid tests to see if the person of their intent is really interested, or maybe it's just to play with someone's heart out of malice and sadism, just to take sick joy in screwing with people. Sometimes it can be chalked up to simple immaturity. Either way, I'm not the type of person who plays them, so I don't know for sure.

    I can tell you this though. There are some guys who won't screw with you. Just like there are some women (like you, I assume) who won't screw with men. You can never really tell who these people are beforehand. All I can suggest is that if they start to play, just leave. Stop playing. I can't tell you any good place to look for these guys though. Sorry. I can only advise you to get out the moment it looks like he's playing.

    Good luck.

  • Where are you meeting these guys, how old are they? Do you come across as needy or anxious? There are many determining factors of how a guy will treat you, there's nothing written in stone. I think that the best way of preventing be fooled is to go off of a guy's actions over an extended period( meaning hold out until his intentions are creditable). It's hard for most guys to fake being something that they're not for a long period, guy's that are not in it for the long haul will likely give up quickly. Sometimes in order to achieve success you must change your pattern of the way you do things.


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  • to have power over her and the upper hand

  • Ask yourself what behavior you're displaying that attracts game players. What do all of the men you've dated have in common? That is usually the beginning thread to finding out why the same thing happens again and again.

    For example, I kept getting into relationships with people who were emotional infants. I have a great sense of humor because I tend to use it to deflect personal intimacy. I was also attracted to men who had a great sense of humor. We'd have great times, but the relationship would fall apart because both of us deflected personal intimacy and closeness through humor. Once I figured it out, I had to sacrifice a little of my personal attraction (great sense of humor) for a guy who wasn't quite as funny, but was very open and pushed me to come out behind my wall. For you, something in your own behavior/attraction matches up with game players. I don't know you, so I can't say what. But consider your own traits and attractions and how they influence your relationships.