It always falls apart after the first or second dates?

I am not a bad looking guy and have a lot of confidence when it comes to talking to women, but every time I try to go after a hot girl that has the same morals as me, it always falls apart after the first or second dates. I want to mention that I am in college and in one of the most respected fraternities as well so I meet a lot of hot girls at parties and such. If I want to get the girls number, I have not been denied (yet) and usually I can score a date just after meeting the girl. The dates usually go really well with nice convo's and I can generate lots of laughs but just about all the time I get the typical "you are a really awesome guy but I am just not looking for a relationship" bull crap...Also, I have had a lot of decent looking girls fall for me but I just do not have any feelings for them...I have no idea what I am doing wrong when it comes to dating a good looking Christian girl with strong morals and any help would be appreciated

To clarify, I do not meet the girls that I really try and date for the most part at the Fraternity parties...


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  • I have just the answer for you THAT LAST STATEMENT CHRISTIAN GIRL

    Seek the lord man that's what I'm doing you seem like a smart man and with great intentions don;t settlle for less pray to Jesus what you really want and get in the word of God and seek him then he will give you your hearts desires like a gf/wife I'm praying for this to man.

    • No prob man I encourage you get in the word and a strong relationship with the lord he will send that girl


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  • you're looking for a christian woman with strong morals yet you meet most of your dates at frat parties?

    that may be where the hawt gerlz are at but they're clearly not compatible with you. what's wrong with a decent looking girl? decent looking isn't ugly right? maybe you should try to develop friendships with the decent looking girls and let love blossom from there isntead of just chasing after looks. not saying that attraction isn't important but its not the most important thing, plus you can grow to love someones looks provided they aren't hideous

  • If you're meeting girls at drinking parties, there are chances that your version of being "Christian" and her version are different. She might not be able to live up to the ideal you want in a partner. Don't weigh the "hot" part more heavily than the "values" part when evaluating if these girls are actually good matches for you. If you really want a Christian girl, parties are not the ideal setting. You may very well meet one, but the odds are slimmer than in other venues like Bible study or FCA.


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  • Hmm well maybe you're not flirty/sexy enough, or maybe you should try a different type of girl than you've been failing with.