Girl asks advice on boyfriend? Any chance with her?

There's this girl I know who is going through a very bad time with her boyfriend. The guy is your class A type douchebag, and she's been telling me that she's thinking of ending it with him as she no longer knows what to do. Today she's asked me what my advice would be on this situation. Let me just say that I find her pretty attractive, and would jump at the chance to be with her. But as we know sometimes, the go-to guys on advice sometimes aren't looked at as potential "mates" by girls. So now I need advice: how should I proceed if I want to get this girl? Anyone have experience with this and think I'm just over thinking this and should just go for it? This seems like and age old scenario so tons of variable input would be appreciated.

I absentmindedly left out something extremely important: we are co workers. I work her maybe one day out of the week. I don't care what everyone else thinks, but it is honestly different than a regular environment such as school. What do you guys think?


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  • Just straight up tell her how you feel about her. Tell her she deserves better than him, and that you can offer her a lot more, but say it not in a cocky kind of way :P Who knows, she may be coming to you for advice because she likes you. I have been in that position where I talked to a guy for advice, but I secretly had a thing for him. You only live once so don't waste your time, just do it, and if she's not into you, then at least you tried, and you saved your time and now you can move on to someone else.


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  • If she is still in the relationship, continue to be a friend.

    Just think if you and she had a relationship and the same thing happened in your relationship. Would you want her talking to you or to another "friend" about your problems?

    Rushing things will possibly hurt a situation.

    The only advice I would give her is...if she is not happy with this person end the relationship, if she wants to salvage the relationship she should be talking to him. You may think he is a douche bag, but there is something she loves/likes about this douche bag! Let her make the final decision, just continue to be her friend and if she does end the relationship she is in, she will need someone to support her. Maybe she will see how much you care and possibly consider a relationship with you.

    If you truly like this girl, just don't rush things!

  • All girls are different But with me I've always ended up liking my go to guys! So I say go for it but give her sometime first depending on how serious her previous relationship was.

  • I think that just because she is going to you for advice does not mean you might not have a chance with her, maybe she is asking you because she simply trusts you. To me it seems like you have the advantage here over her boyfriend. Be there for her but don't suffocate her. If they end up splitting go for it.


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