Is this girl telling me about her exes a good thing?

I have been talking to this girl a lot lately. She texts me quite a bit and we both initiate a fair amount of the conversations. She had a bad break up with a couple months ago and her ex is trying to make her feel really guilty, she talks to me a lot about it and I have helped her a lot with it. She seems to talk about her ex's quite a bit to me and she also talks to me about guys that hit on her and how creepy they are. She will one day go from talking to me a ton to the next day barely talking to me at all. Whenever we are at a party together she acts really weird around me. She will barely even talk to me and when I try to start a conversation with her she will abruptly walk away or act all of a sudden really interested in someone else. She is friends with a lot of my friends and some she has known for a very long time. But almost every time she will send me a text. Is it a good sign for her to be talking to me about all these things? If it is a good thing, then why does she act so cold towards me in person? I don't want to initiate anything over text, I would like to do it in person, but she never wants to talk to me in person. She has been under a lot of stress lately, so maybe its that, but what does this mean?


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  • Um I really don't think its a good thing. If she was trying to get with you then why would she be pushing all her ex bullsh*t on you? And then she acts cold to you a second later? Yeah this just isn't clicking for me. I think she still has feelings for her ex and until she can clear up her sh*t with him I wouldn't mess with her, she'll only confuse you more.

  • Ever hear the Chris Rock platonic friend bit? You're her "d*** in a glass case"


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