Which guy should I date?

I'm seeing two guys right now, they don't know each other and go to different schools. Guy A, lives in the same city but goes to a different school and we know a lot of the same people, go to the same parties etc. Where as guy B goes to a different school and lives in a different city and we know some of the same people, but don't go to the same parties etc. Or does it really matter? I was thinking that it would probably be better to date a guy that goes to the same places as me, has the same friends etc.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Whichever one has the most money to shower you with


What Girls Said 1

  • hmm.. how about whichever one you fit with personality wise.. standard wise... which one makes you laugh most and gives you the butterflies? Which one can you see yourself with long term wise? .. it should be that one. You shouldn't base it on who has more friends or goes to the same parties. You can always get more friends or go to the same parties. Those don't really determine relationships.