Do I have a shot at going out with her, just not right now?

I like my best friend and I have been trying to get up the courage to ask her out for a while now. I have came close to asking, but I didn't think it was the right time to ask. I also have a few friends trying to get me and her together. They tried talking to her today, and all she said was " I'm not looking for a boyfriend and stop trying to get me and him together!" What does this mean? Do I have a shot at going out with her, just not right now? Or what? I'm clueless


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  • I say you should lay low for a while. Be an amazing friend, and then wait for her to cool off a bit. Tell your friends to cool it. There's no way to know if you have a shot right now, since there's not really any way to know why she said what she did. It could be that she likes you and is just embarrassed to be teased by everyone, or it could be that she's annoyed with everyone asking and doesn't think you actually like her, or it could be that she knows (or suspects) and is annoyed for that reason. There are many possibilities, and the only way to really know is to wait it out and see if her behavior toward you changes. At the very least, all the questioning and pushing from your friends has planted a seed in her head, and when everything cools down, she'll still have a potential relationship with you to think about.


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  • She knows you like her and isn't interested (for whatever the reason may be.)

    She also seemed a bit annoyed by them from the way she phrased everything.

  • Sometimes when a girl has a best guyfriend, even if they do like him, they are just too afraid to act on those feelings for fear of ruining the good relationship they already have with the guy. She may know that you like her and she may like you but it could be that she doesn't want to change the way you guys are now. She may feel that everythig would change and become awkward.

  • Well she's probably just trying to be single at the moment, but who knows; just keep talking to her to see what happens ? & GOOD LUCK :)


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