How much are (or were) you willing to spend for prom?

So the question on top kinda says it all, but studies have shown that seniors this year in high school are estimated to spend around $1000 and that's not including date. Do you think it's crazy that people are willing to spend that much money on one night. I was the girl who would be shocked when girls would say I've spent $350+ on my dress and thought to my self that's crazy! Until I bought my dress it didn't help also that I had to get a size 16 so that was around an extra $100-$150 than someone who would of bought te same dress but in a size 10. But I completely fell in love with my dress and since I am a daddy's girl I was able to get it and got the shoes and accessories that same day and it was nearly $700 dollars and that isn't including my appointment for mani pedi hair and makeup.

So guys do you think girls spent way too much during prom season? And if you have already had prom around how much did you spend with or without your date? Girls if you've already gone to prom how much did you(+parents) pay for your prom including dress, accessories, hair, makeup and anything extra? If you still haven't gone to prom how much have you spent? And do you think it was worth it all?

Thanks and yes I know I'm crazy for spending this much but it's my only night to look that amazing :) P.S leave a comment on how your prom night was


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  • Well I had a graduation not a prom or whatever you call it. I ordered my dress online for eighty and then paid twenty for some alterations to make it fit better. Spent some money on alcoholic beverages and on the ticket which included dinner etc. I think it was about two hundred all up, including transport. I paid for it by myself with work and didn't sponge off my parents. I feel sorry for parents who do pay for everything regarding proms because their kids rarely appreciate it and bleed them dry.


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  • Yes. It is going overboard for a formal event. Then, I am a well known cheap Charlie.


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  • Thank god I know how to do make up and nail designs, otherwise I would have spent a lot more money in that department at my prom. lol

    I remember spending money on my dress, the limo, the tickets, portraits, hair, corsage and boutonniere, shoes...damn. That's a lot of sh*t ! All of that might have been around $250-300. Also, guys could easily spend as much money as girls. Just cut the price of the dress in half, and my list could easily be made by a guy.