I feel like I am going to have a panic attack, is he busy or is he talking to other girls???

OMG I started talking to this guy I met on POF last week last Saturday we hung out and totally clicked, our conversation flowed so easily and we just laughed and joked and had fun, and kissed a lot lol then we hung out Sunday and ended up having sex (I know I am a slut and a horrible person but he honestly swept me away and it was good, and he actually wanted to cuddle after but I couldn't I had to leave) and we have talked every day this week except Friday because he was busy, we said we were going to have lunch on Thursday but I got sick and couldn't and he totally understood, but now I am scared, I mean what if he forgets about me or finds a new girl who doesn't get sick?! He seems like he likes me and I know I like him even though I am trying to play it cool! I was on his FB today just looking and it says 4 hours ago he added this girl and omg she is absolutely beautiful, her profile is private so I can't see if she's in a relationship or not omg I am dying what if he likes her more than me omg I'm going to cry right now. I texted him eariler to see if he wanted to hang out and he said maybe later tonight because he is busy today (which he told me a few days ago that he was going to be busy today so I believe him) but I don't know I am freaking out I mean what if he stops liking me? I mean we met on POF and we aren't exclusive so there are millions of beautiful girls on there who are way better than me! I can't bring myself to check the last time he was on POF because I will die if I find out it was like yesterday or something you know? I don't know what to do I am freaking out severely.


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  • Calm the f*** down its only been a few days and he has been busy see if he wants to hang out soon and get a grip!

    • What if he likes that other girl though? OMG I will die like I honestly will die.

    • your overthinking the situation right now, they might just know each other distantly. I doubt he's already boning this other chick if he just added her on Facebook.

    • Yeah that's true...


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  • omgomgomg no.

    stop tripin.

    you're just doing the girl thing and over thinking things.

    just chill, and give it time.

  • Just breathe...

  • Maybe he found another girl but if she doesn't give it up soon he'll come back to you since he knows you're already down to f-ck. I wouldn't worry too much about it, if you go out with him again f-ck him so good that he won't even think about another girl!

    • I'm not going to just keep having sex to keep him around I am not a whore.

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    • can you weigh in on my question, sent you a link

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  • Yeah but that girl that he added probably doesn't have the same personality as you. There's only one you

    • Aww that is a really nice thing to say. I hope he realizes that, I feel like when I start liking a guy I just really over analyze things I guess.

    • Its OK. it just means you really like him and you don't want anything to go wrong. It's completely normal

  • I read this in a panicked voiced lol..just calm down you're over thinking things.