If your boyfriend always signed off with two kisses, but then suddendly started signing off with one...

What would you think of it? Please don't tell me probably hasn't noticed, because of course he's aware of it. Has something similar happened to you before? What did it mean? and what was the outcome?


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  • Classic example of women reading far too much into trivial things...


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  • Don't stress about it too much. He could've just thought it was losing meaning because he was doing the same thing all the time. Maybe in the next few weeks he'll start doing 4 kisses. Don't cause yourself unnecessary stress. Just chill :)


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  • I know where you're coming from on this and it's a bad habit to be in. I do it myself, and it's ridiculous as I'm nearly 35 years old so should know better!

    Don't read into it, if he wasn't texting at all that's a different matter. My partner's kisses on text vary a lot too. I tell myself, OK if it was a friend doing this, I wouldn't read into it, so why read into it if it's a boyfriend? You have to remember you're still in contact with him. I sometimes just follow the lead on the guys text.. if he put 7 kisses then so would I etc. Hope this helps.