What should I do next?

So I just went on a first date with this girl and one thing led to another and we ended back at my room and we made out for like an hour and she gave me a bj... and then we slept together. Not sex but were cuddling the whole night ha ha so what should I do next with our dating? Just never been in this situation like this so I'm not sure what would be the best next step. Like should I be texting her a decent amount, should I give her some space, when should I ask her out again, and from now on should I almost expect to end up making out and doing something more?


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  • Ask her out and give to her this time, and still don't have intercorse. But have fun! Til you guys talk or comfortable in talking.


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  • i would text her saying you had a great time and set up another date with her. then you be txting about things you want to do. let the bed stuff come how ever it comes expect nothing and you get somthing.