Why hasn't he texted me ? I need some guys advice !

okay so I've been talking to this guy for awhile I've known him from hs and last year he started talking to me and he would always fb and text me it was just friendly talk. than he graduated and I didn't see him in forever. than we started texting again and he asked me to go to the movies and he paid. he paid. and he was a very nice gentlemen let me pick the seats held the door open etc. than the next day he asked me to come to a few stores with him. the other night he asked me to hangout and I was with my friend and asked him if he waned to come for a ride to drop her off and he said yes and he was friendly to my friend and was engaging in the convo. we went back to his house and were just hanging out watching his ski videos and stuff, we made out and that was it. the night was really fun I really felt like there was something there, he walked me out to my car and kissed me goodnight. and I still have his hoodie haha. But here's the problem he hasn’t talked to me in two days.. I don’t know what to think I know he might be busy he has a job and stuff, but I don't know if he likes me and I don't wanna waste my time on him if he doesn't. does it seem like he likes me ? or does he just wan to hook up


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  • He likes you.
    probably. thing is.
    You can't tell if you two really like each other until you spend a few years getting to know him.
    You're probably attracted to him, and he sounds attracted to you.
    He's just giving you and him space, he's got things going on, and probably thinks you do to.
    If you want to show him that you enjoy being around him, show him by trying to be around him.

    but if you want a relationship , and don't want to get hurt wasting your time.
    Hang out some more and get closer, and when the time comes try to talk to him about it.
    Because he might just enjoy being your friend. and that can also be just as great.


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  • Haha, it's only two days, anything could've happened. Charger could've broke, phone could be broke, lost his phone, etc. Chill out, it'll be fine.

  • it sounds like he is trying to hook up or he is waiting for you to text him.. well I mean have you text him in two days

  • I think you should relax for a bit. It's only two days. After a week goes by then I'd say you can worry. Did you try to contact him? He may be waiting for you.


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  • Today's been the 1st day he hasn't text you? Relax, he'll text later or tomorrow.

    If he doesn't text in 2-3 days THEN worry.