Why do I always get hurt?

i give my all in my relationships but I always land up getting hurt, why? all my friends say I'm amazing and I'm always fun to be around so why do guys hurt me?


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  • Could you provide a little info on what sort of things are happening that result in you being hurt? Does the same sort of thing happen in all of your relationships or is it something different every time? That will give us a clearer picture of what is happening.


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  • Because you fall for losers. Most women aren't into the nice guys who will treat them right.


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  • maybe you try too much and you end up boring them or maybe you date the wrong guys... just take your time . ever had a discussion on why the relationship din work, it is good to know why but don't date the same guy ,move on to the next and correct mistakes,

    i have been there too, I thought I was good just like you but I understand somethings don't work for relationships , even trying too hard is a mistake, I made mistakes and now I think twice before doing and saying something, and I also don't try much I have learn to let things flow... Don't search for Mr right let them find you. I think your mistake is giving your all... if you receive 50% give 50% and not more... don't give more than you receive because you will get hurt