Need advice - not ready for relationship, or other?

I need advice on why a guy would lead me on.

I know, he really likes a girl at his work place. We have had conversations on Facebook (lasting up to 6 hours ). I have met him a couple of times and he has been round my house, we have walked my dog together (just us)

He has picked me up to go to a party, and dropped me off home. We sat together at the party, had a laugh etc - even his friend complimented on how good we looked together. He has spoken of me to my sister, saying how nice I am and tells her when he speaks to me - he also has given me a nickname :) He gave me his jacket when we were at the party as well. He invited me to go to out with him and his friends this weekend when we were at the party aswell.

I really enjoy being his company and talking to him, however, I said to him I think I have fallen for him and he said, "it is better for us to stay friends at the mo"

People have said and agree, he has led me on but why do guys do this, and what does he mean "at the mo" :(


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  • I think that you need to learn how to be just a friend with a guy, the fact that he does all that to you doesn't mean he likes you, when a guys wants more than a friendship they immediately start being more affectionate, he was just being a nice friend with you.

    If you feel that your feeling for him will grow if you continue talking to him, I think that it will be better if you stay away for a while, because you will be hurting yourself by giving you hopes when REally there is none.


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  • He may not want anything beyond friendship and is simply trying to be gentle with you instead of telling you outright. Nothing that you described seems to qualify as 'leading on'. it seems as if he was just being kind to you, maybe you misinterpreted what was happening. It is also possible that he feel unavailable at the moment and is trying to work things out. Hard to say without more information.


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  • Beuasce you are allowing him to lead younon