Do you text each other everyday if you live together?

My boyfriend usually texts me first while his on his lunch break and we live together,he hasn't texted me for three days.i know we live together and he sees me when he gets home but it's making me wonder if he is getting bored of me,I know it works two ways but I usually wait for him to text me first,so I know not to bother him if he's busy.Its just nice to also have a text from him as well.The other day he said sorry I didn't reply to your text I was so busy at work.I said that's cool,I understand I don't like expect you too lol.But ever since then he doesn't message me yet he's been commenting on people's statuses on Facebook.Should I care or am I being silly?He also comes home later from work sometimes too and seems to show less interest in me. If you live with your partner do you text every day?


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  • Enlightenment! It seems like you being really unwell and stressed out is the key factor here.

    When a guy is really down, we want to talk as little as possible and spend time alone until we're finally ready to discuss (read: conclude) the problem. Guys instinctually give that kind of space to people they care about who are down. It's a bad behavior with girls, but it is what happens.

    Sorry you've been so down.. it makes me sad to hear. Now- this is important- It makes your guy even sadder.. don't feel bad about this or beat yourself up or feel a need to hide any more feelings.. just know that when you're feeling blue, he will too. Same way you worry and feel sad when he's in trouble, it's just part of caring.

    You can be emotional and human without being needy also. When you discuss something with your guy, the 'needy' part usually comes in when they feel like nothing they can say or do will make a difference in how you feel. All you need to do to avoid this is make it clear that you just want to talk about the feelings, not solve "problems", and thank him/otherwise make him feel appreciated. He seems like a good guy so I think this kind of healthy relationship is possible for you two.

    About texting and work- He probably doesn't like texting at work. Since he seems like a good guy, I'll assume he's also a good worker, and I know that at my workplace we *really* don't like people who stop what they're working on to use the phone. So when you receive a text from him at work, it's probably while he's walking to the bathroom or taking his lunch or etc. Should make it even more special! :)

    Good luck, hope this helped.


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  • Personally, I'd get bored of the texting before I got bored of the girl. That wouldn't surprise me.

    But your guy does seem to be losing interest in you specifically (sorry :/). Unless his work is *really* stressful and depressing, there's no indication why just from your question.

    It's worth talking about, especially if you're looking to settle down with someone. You can't be coming here exclusively to discuss relationship troubles if you're in a truly loving relationship; they must be laid out and discussed by the couple, because each of you deserves happiness and the ability to voice concerns.

    Good luck.

    • He's back to being affectionate and normal like he always is..So it's hard to tell if he's actually losing interest or not.He does talk about things we will do in the future together though.Another thing is,I have been really unwell and stressed out so maybe he is just holding back a bit and giving me space.It's so hard to know..I want to text him but,maybe I should wait again and see if he texts me..His work is stressful and busy sometimes,but not all the time.I don't really want to bring it up

    • with him either..It just makes you look needy and I mean it's only a few days he didn't text me,this hasn't been going on for weeks and weeks,should I maybe wait and see if it continues before saying anything?The other night I said to him you seem a little distant and you're less affectionate and he said huh?no I'm not,I'm more affectionate than you..I don't know he is hard to read.

  • i live with my GF. I usually call her on my lunch break and talk for under 5 minutes. I expect that will not last forever. think about it this way, does a couple who have been together for 10 years call each other on their lunch break everyday? I doubt it.

  • good to be quiet.


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  • My boyfriend and I have lived together almost 3 years and we text every day. Sometimes he replies later than other days because he is busy. Some days it's me msging him first others it's him. BUT there is some times where we go a day or two with out texting. One time I made a big deal that he never text me, and he got mad and said..."we live together, we see each other every day. We are both busy through the day and if we can't speak because of it then so what? we're gonna see each other at the end of the work day" So don't sweat it, he's not bored but you don't need to talk that much. Sometimes work can be a bit of a breather (in a good way) for both sides. My boyfriend also does the same, where I will see him commenting on FB but not msging me. It's OK though, talking to other people besides the one you live with is healthy, He talks to you every day at home. Let his time away from you be his social time :) like I said, don't sweat it!

    • Thank you,you made me feel better,you're so right :).And when he does come home,we do talk a lot.He wasn't as affectionate for a few days,but I mean iit was a few days,not weeks..Maybe he was just tired,I know sometimes I don't feel like being affectionate..I don't know maybe I can just see if it continues to be like this,another thing is,I never message him first..maybe he is sick of always been the first one too message me lol..Not sure.. !If he's not losing interest,I'm happy.

    • Yeah, if it was something that went on for weeks or months then maybe I would question it. Like you said, you don't always feel like being affectionate and some nights I find us sitting on each ends of the couch just cause it's nice to have your own "bubble" here and there. Same goes with texting, don't always need to talk when your not with him. Show him you can give him space, he will come back around :)