He has a girlfriend, but he thinks this is okay, is it?

I've known this guy for around 7 months or so. We met at college. We used to be pretty flirty and he told me he wanted to kiss me and used to hint about making out every time we were on his bed.

I was almost his rebound because he got back together with an ex he's been off and on with for 3 years.

When we were still flirting I used to go over to his house and watch TV on his bed.

He asked me to hang out with him the other day and he said we could go to his house. So we laid on his bed and watched tv, but I felt really uncomfortable doing that considering he has a girlfriend and he used to tell me he wanted to kiss me. He didn't seem uncomfortable with it at all.

I know we weren't doing anything, but I feel like that's so wrong. I can imagine what his girlfriend would do if she knew about it because he said she gets jealous easily.

So, is it okay to lay on a bed with a guy who has a gf? Because I'm thinking it's not.


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  • Believe that it is more tempting or hmm something will more likely happen if you are on a bed with a guy who you flirt with and it may seem all innocent but when you add a bed although you could do it just about anywhere...but that's besides the point, the bed is more of a place for things to happen. If you feel uncomfortable with this then you should I don't know sit somewhere else or tell him that you feel uncomfortable and please he can save that we aren't doing anything...it's harmless...flirting and whatever else he promises won't happen. you are in control of your own actions and if he were to try something it would make you feel worse because he does have a girlfriend and people with gfs shouldn't be doing this unless the other person is cool with it or is competely trusting. how would he feel if his chick was in bed alone with some guy she flirts with..he might not be so "understanding"


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  • No it's not if he showed attraction to you in the past those feelings didn't leave


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  • You didn't do anything so technically it is OK. Though I know if my boyfriend found out I was lying on a bed with one of my guy friends, I know his mind would automatically wonder if I cheated and if the tables were turned I would wonder the same thing. I think it's OK but really awkward since if the the girlfriend found out there would be hell to pay since she is the jealous type.