My long term boyfriend signed up for dating sites.

I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. we live together. about a month ago his phone broke. he can't afford a new one right now so he sometimes uses mine.

he wanted to play battle for Mars on my phone and logged on to his account in the Google play store. the other day I was updating my apps and realized after seeing tons I had never downloaded it was still signed in under his account.

there were TONS of sketchy apostle he downloaded. gym babes and other stuff to just look at girls. but mostly dating apps. I didn't know what to think. he know how I feel about that stuff and to be honest I NEVER would have thought he would do that to me.

I confronted him on it. he admitted he had signed up for a lot of them a year ago and blamed it on the rough patch we were going through in our relationship. he got kinda defensive and tried to push the blame on me. I wasn't having it. he has lied about p*rn in the past and also about looking at naked pictures of girls. now this. he admitted to emailing with some girls.

today I did a Google search and found a ton of profiles for him looking to hook up. I don't know what to think or do. he swears they are all inactive now and he is so in love with me and does t want to lose me. I'm so confused. I love him so much. but I can't stand dishonesty.


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  • That sucks. I won't say all guys are the same but my roommate is a big online dating guy and he finally had a good girlfriend going for about 6 months until they went through a rough patch and he started using them again. Even after they got back together he still went on the websites and kept talking to women. I don't know if he ever did anything with the other girls but I know he was pretending he loved the women he was dating more then he really did. He liked having a girl friend but wanted to make sure he had something to fall back on if it broke apart.


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  • Sounds like a creep.

    I would understand if he felt like your love life needed more spice and the like of p0rn, I know girls who even like p0rn.

    But dating sites sound so sketch. I say be wary, they do say after all that serial killers start with the little things like bugs and move on to neighborhood cats until their lust for human flesh takes over. Eventually the fantasies only do so much so they move on to the real deal.

    How this relates to your situation is that he may not be cheating physically yet but imagining only goes a longs way until temptation rules his mind and heart. He might move on to the real deal near the future.

  • If he has to lie about p*rn, that makes me wonder what kind of relationship you have. One where he has to answer to you. That's not healthy.

    But, online dating sites are totally different. He may not actually have any intention of meeting these women, but he is still putting himself out there. If those sites/memberships are inactive, why would he download to your phone 'like an idiot). His hearts not in it, and you sound like a girk that will obsess if you stay together. You'll be checkin.g the phone, computer, whatever all the time if you stay together. Do yourself a favor and just walk away. Sorry

  • This guy is obviously batting zero in the "trustworthiness" department. You've made that abundantly clear. Trust is an essential component of a healthy relationship, so why are you still with him?

  • you seem controlling and weird so I can't blame him for him signing up for dating sites. I do blame him for not having the balls to just be honest with you and leaving a bad relationship.

    • I ddon't care that he watches p*rn. I watch p*rn. I don't care if he looks at other girls. I look at other men. I do care if he is signing up for eating sites and contacting girls in our area. and I also care if he LIES TO ME. there is no need to lie. ever.

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    • I don't.know. he seems to lie just to lie. evidently.

    • Well I am not being a jerk here but I am guessing that you give off a bossy vibe that is intimidating and he may love you but wants to move on and doesn't have the guts and confidence to. In my opinion you need a stronger more honest guy. A more take charge kind of guy and you need to be less controlling. And I mean controlling in more of a vibe or feeling than anything else because if your current boyfriend felt he needed to lie about watching p*rn then I am sure there had to be SOME reason for him to.

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  • He's lying to you and you're falling for it because it's emotionally easier to ignore it. You deserve better. Dump his sorry SOB ass and don't bother calling him a cab after you've kicked him out of the place.