Could I be texting her too much or not enough?

Here's my basic text ratio so far. Monday I text at night, Tuesday I text in the morning just to wish her a good day, Wednesday I don't text her, Thursday I don't text her, Friday I text her to say hi, Saturday I don't text her, Sunday I text her, Monday I text how she's doing, Tuesday I don't text, Wednesday I don't, Thursday I text her, Friday I don't, Saturday I don't, Sunday I don't. Then I'll repeat in that type of order, not on purpose but I have a life separate from hers. I think texts like this is OK since she's busy with work and school, I've seen her several times at her job cause she works at a restaurant so me and my family have gone their, but since last month like April 13th till today I've only visited her by myself once. She hasn't replied to my texts since last Friday which is weird but she is full time in school and at her job. And yes we've flirted, yes we know we like each other, yes I've asked her to dinner but she said it's hard because of time but when I asked if she'd be cool with letting me know when she's available she said yes. So am I doing something wrong?

Has anyone ever experienced this with someone they know likes them, This seems more relevant to someone who's trying to figure that out. But she knows I like her and vise verse. Just makes no sense to me.


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  • Well maybe she doesn't like you as much as you hope. No offence but the old saying "actions speak louder than words" rings true here. She's not agreed on a set time for a date and has agreed in no less terms that you will be available when and if she feels like doing something. Just trying to be as blunt as possible because if she's hasn't been out with you, hasn't replied to texts and hasn't initiated any contact herself then maybe she really isn't that interested.


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  • I think the only thing you could be doing wrong is making communication using texts more of a job rather than a fun exciteing experiance. You shouldn't feel entitled to have to schedual on when or when not to text her it should be more natural then that. Girl's notice these types of things rather quickly. Try to sort of cool off the schedualing and try to focus more in enjoying the experiance of getting to know her and making the relationship develope over time.

    • Ok I can agree with that. So when you say "enjoy the experience" what do you mean? I've tried calling about four times in the past but she never picked up nor called back after I left a voice mail. I want to "enjoy the experiance" but how can I if the only time we talk and can have a good time is if I text her first. But yet we like each other, she flirts with me, and would go out if she has the time. I don't understand her.

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  • too much texting. the fact that you remember all of that makes it even worse. you need to be "whatever" with this girl, because girls love the chase, trust me they do