Should I continue or call it quits?

i have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years(next month it will be two years) I am 21 and he is 22. he has continuously had other women either from school groups or other female friends text and email him all the time. however, whenever any of my guy friends (that I have had since high school) call or text me he gets upset and angry, but if I get angry at those females calling and texting him I am the "crazy" one. I don't think its fair. not to mention that these females then end up texting him at 12:30am -2am asking him if they can call him and all and they even invite him to "study" at their houses. in his groups there are other males that if he chooses to he can text and email but he chooses to ONLY befriend the females. I don't know am I just weird or should I just end it with him? I really need some advice.

he has not responded back in a flirtatious way, he has not gone to study at their houses either, or answered their phone calls


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  • My alignment is True Neutral but...

    Kick his ass.


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  • wtf? Yes he is being a a**hole.


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  • First double standards never fly with me. I would dump him immediately.

    Second guys who don't let their SO talk to guys but have lots of female friends themselves are usually cheating with one or more of those girls. It's not always the case but more often then not.

    I wouldn't stand for that sh*t. Excuse my language but that is what it is sh*t. You are not crazy.