Dateless to my senior prom :(

So, my senior prom is coming up in a month, and I'm really, really upset because I don't have a date...all of my friends do, so I'm going to be the lone single friend. My girlfriends are awesome and won't make it awkward for me, but still. I feel so sad, because I feel like the ugly friend or something...anyways, my question is just, has anyone else gone to prom dateless? Did it suck? I'm debating not even going...should I?


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  • Senior prom is overrated and far too much money is spent on it. Relax. You might not have a date, but you will also not have to deal with problems/drama that develops from having a prom date.

    Just find another one of your friends and go to prom with her as a date. Have fun with it.


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  • u could go with a group of friends if there are a couple friends who aren't going with a date, but that's a worst case scenario. I too never went to my prom, I never had a good time at the high school dances, always got bullied at them.

    • such a sad story =(

      Do you sit at home and make lists while cleaning your rifles ?

    • haha, nah I don't own a any weapons, I do believe in karma.

  • I Never went to prom. Never even bother to ask any girls, because I knew they would of said no.

  • I'll go with you babes. HIT ME UP ON MY TWITTER GURL!


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